Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

American Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the American experience, past and present. Students pursuing an American Studies degree draw on course offerings from across the university as they explore, analyze, and interpret American culture and society.

The major and the minor in American Studies offer students the flexibility to design a course of study focused on their unique interests and career goals.

Careers in American Studies

American Studies

A degree in American Studies can prepare students for careers in nonprofit organizations, government, cultural industries, and the media, as well as in the corporate world. The bachelor’s degree in American studies is an excellent preparation for law or graduate school.

The University’s Career Center is an important resource for students pursuing postgraduation employment. Licensed counselors are available to provide strategies for mastering job interviews, writing professional cover letters and resumes and connecting with campus recruiters, among other services.

American Studies at UT Dallas

American Studies majors, in consultation with the program head, construct two concentrations in which the majority of the upper-division coursework for the major is carried out. Each concentration must be interdisciplinary and attentive to historicity, but within those parameters, students have a great deal of latitude to develop individualized programs of study. Possible concentrations include:

  • American Legal System
  • Gender in American Culture & Society
  • American Popular Culture
  • Political and Social Movements
  • U.S. and the World
  • Race and Ethnicity in American Life
  • Business in America
  • The American Environment
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Politics in American Society
  • Technology in American Life

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Internships and Honors

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies internship program at UT Dallas offers students the opportunity for practical experience in their field of interest while earning college credits. Internships provide:

  • Experience in a professional work environment
  • Academic credit under faculty supervision
  • The opportunity to try a career or industry before committing to a full-time employment situation

The American studies honors program offers the opportunity for advanced scholarly work and recognition. To earn departmental honors, students must graduate with:

  • 3.9 cumulative GPA
  • 3.9 GPA in designated courses
  • Total of 30 hours of credit in required honors courses
  • Six-hour internship or three-hour internship with approved coursework

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