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Community Health

As a UT Dallas student or employee, UTD is part of who you are. Even if you don’t see your classmates or colleagues every day, the decisions you make can impact the health of those around you. This includes your health and the health of your family, your UTD community, and other communities you belong to.

Learn about health resources offered by UT Dallas, illnesses of concern, health recommendations for international travel, and other helpful resources to keep our University community healthy.

UT Dallas Health Resources

Illnesses of Concern

People in today’s global community are highly mobile and interconnected. With this comes the responsibility to learn more about infectious diseases that may impact not only your health but also the health of those around you. Learn more about outbreaks monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization and read their advice for precautionary measures you can take to help protect yourself and others.

Learn more about illnesses currently in the spotlight:

Learn about other diseases, conditions and healthy living guidelines to help sustain our University community health.

Health Recommendations for International Travel

These official sources provide information on country-specific health risks and ways to implement risk mitigation measures. If you have plans to travel on behalf of UT Dallas, follow the Traveler Guidelines.